What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Event Planner

If you’ve never hired a planner before, the thought of finding one, understanding their services, and your part in the planning may be a little daunting. Here are a few essential guidelines to help you determine what you need from your planner, how to understand the services planners offer, and how YOU determine how involved you are in the process.

Let’s start with the types of services planners offer. You can check out our website www.detaileddivaevents.com to see our complete list of services and price points. Planners services vary and include much more than what is listed below.

Consulting- This service includes design and decor ideas specific for your event, programming ideas, location suggestions, catering recommendations and any other information needed to help you generate ideas to put on a successful event.
Coordinating- During the weeks and days leading up to your event or even just the day of, a coordinator can become the point of contact for you. A coordinator will make sure all vendors know when and where they should be, will understand your programming and run it on time, and solve any problems that may take place (without you even knowing). This role makes your job as a host much easier.

Designing- Some planners are blessed with the gift of design and vision. With the help of their team, they may create items themselves for you or outsource the vision to a larger group. This is a separate service apart from consulting and coordinating.

RSVP services- Planners can create invitations for you, mail them or send them out electronically and keep up with your RSVP’s for you. This is especially useful for larger events.

Now that you know about the major services planners offer (and you’ve checked out our page to look into more details and pricing, you want to think about your event, and realistically determine what you can handle on your own. You really want to ask yourself how much time you have, how much money you’re setting aside for budget, and how much you’re willing to take on yourself. The answers to those questions will help guide you in choosing the services you need a planner to take off your hands for you. Don’t forget to check around for pricing and reviews with various planners.

Third, select your planner, request your services, and make sure you read your contract thoroughly. You should understand what you are getting from your planner. Ask questions and have your planner detail any item you need clarification on.

As with any new service, researching your options will help guide you through the process. Knowing up front what services you need and what the planner will offer you will certainly ease your worries with shopping around and knowing what to ask for. We hope this helps kick off your research and wish you happy planning!

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