7 Reasons You Might Want to Hire an Event Planner

Most people don’t know the benefits of hiring an event planner. They simply plan their special events without assistance. For some, this may work out just fine. Organization, creativity, and a good eye for detail may be innate. For others, just the thought of planning something special gives them a headache.

Here are 7 reasons why you might want to hire a planner, and what you can get out of the deal.

  1.  A planner can help direct your vision of your event.

One of the most frequent complaints I hear when planning events with clients, is the client’s fear of not knowing where to start. Often times your vision of your event may be stuck in your head and awfully difficult to communicate with others. I find with clients who deal with this sort of concern, they’re not sure where to start or they’re concerned about the judgement of others. An event planner can help you bring your event to life no matter how big or small while safely keeping you within your budget. We are very creative souls and can usually make your event resemble what’s in your head, and in some cases even better than what’s in your head! If one of your concerns is the judgment of others, that brings me gracefully into reason number two.

2. Event planners can help you to maintain balance with your vision and any others who might want to influence your ideas.

A great event planner has your back. You are the client, and that simply means you are the priority. When you’re planning major events such as weddings and even milestone birthdays, you deal with a lot of opinions about what should take place, how the decor should look, and even who should be in charge. When you hire an event planner, you share your ideas and needs with your planner. An excellent planner will get to work on your ideas and make your vision come to fruition. An outstanding event planner will go to bat for you when you need help.

3. Do you need help you finding your perfect venue?

Outstanding event planners should at minimum give you three venues to visit for your event. Similar to the way a realtor might work, while listening to your ideas about your special event, planners visualize the venue that might work best for your gathering. We make it our business to be familiar with venues. An event planner can give you some options you may have overlooked or maybe didn’t know about at all.

4. Vendors can be brought to you so you don’t have to search.

Event planners work closely with multiple vendors event after event after event, and we love every moment of it! Some have a preferred vendor list, meaning that we have worked with certain vendors often and can get you good prices.  We get to know personality, style, and pricing quite accurately for each vendor and it’s our pleasure to bring it to you. An outstanding planner will consult with you and match you with vendors who will work well with you, and your pockets!

5. Helping you to save time and sanity.

Once you’ve chosen the vendors, an event planner will manage all vendor affairs as needed. In some cases the client does the initial contacting and may communicate with the vendors in the beginning stages. As the date of the event approaches, then the event planner may take the lead. This is why you may sometimes see an event planner advertise separate services such as event coordinator, or event liaison.

6. Timelines, timelines, timelines!

There are lots of details associated with planning large events. Many of them include time sensitive “to do’s”. There’s nothing worse than trying to keep up with it all while balancing work, home, and all the other demands of life. An event planner will help you keep track of time and guide you in the right direction based off level of importance.

  7.  Enjoy yourself!

Have you ever seen the frazzled host or hostess. Running left and right, never enjoying the moment because they’re to involved. This is why it’s key to hire an event planner. You would be surprised at how reasonable prices are when it comes to your sanity. Plan to enjoy the moment, go ahead and hire a planner!

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