5 Ways to Cut Cost at your Wedding or Special Event

Are you thinking about a throwing a nice party without breaking the bank? Here are a list of five ways to cost cost without cutting corners!

  1. Choose floral arrangements you can do yourself or have others to help you put them together.

You will be amazed at what you can learn off of YouTube. If you have the time to spare, spend some in front of your screen. Learn about the inexpensive materials needed to put together a few simple bouquets. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to practice and research. Once that’s all over, order the florals you want from a florist or a market. Make sure you check storage requirements for your beauties, and host a wine and assembly party with your besties!

  1. Create your own signage and invitations.

One of my favorite places to shop for unique templates is Etsy. You can order printed materials from sellers all over. Just choose the style you love, and they will send it to your door. Want to save even more money? You can purchase a template from a seller. Just choose one within your budget. Keep your messages short, sweet, and printed on one side. Once you have it all lined up perfectly, take your computer to a printer service (Staples, Fed Ex Kinkos to name a few) upload to their email, and just like that, you have your prints!

  1. Put a cap on your open bar.

Want to treat your guest, but still need to watch your pockets? Set a price you and your pockets are comfortable with spending and let management at your event know. Make sure this is written in your contract. This way the site coordinator will know and will check in with the bar to make sure you don’t go over your limit. You, or your coordinator can place custom signs at multiple locations around the bar and at cocktail tables once you’re near your cap. You can be subtle by putting the price of the specialty drinks on the signs. This will signal your guest, it’s now time for the cash bar. No worries about this folks, at this point your guest will already be having a great time!

  1.   Find a venue that offers food and beverages or get creative with your menu selections.

Venues outside of hotels that have their own catering and kitchen are much more negotiable with pricing.The trick is to find the venues that offer this “luxury.” Make sure you do your homework and find out what comes with each venue, what the stipulations are on outside food, and what kind of setup each venue has for use.  Another tip to save money is to hire a food truck. They have everything they need on their truck and are usually very negotiable. You give them your budget and numbers and they are willing to accommodate.

5.  Do all the planning leading up to your event and then hand the reins over to a planner.

Get yourself really organized by researching checklist and timelines for your events. Having someone to coordinate your event on the day of, is worth every penny. You are essentially saving in the long run, because you’re only paying a planner for one service, not everything leading up to it. Your day will run much smoother and you’ll be much less stressed.

We hope these tried and true methods help! As always, happy planning!

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